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Weekly Wrap-up

Summer is officially coming to a close with Labor Day happening this Monday. So before you check out for the long weekend, here are the latest social media updates you should know about.

  • Facebook Adds Video to Messenger: Facebook Messenger users can now insert real-time video into their conversation threads. Unlike video chatting, this new feature allows users to insert short videos in much the same way they would insert a photo into a conversation. The feature is eerily similar to the video chatting feature available on Snapchat.
  • Instagram Adds Zoom to Viewing: Instagram users can now zoom in on images in their feed, on profiles, and under the Explore tab.
  • Snapchat Introduces Geostickers: Snapchat just added geostickers, location-specific stickers that can be sent in chats or added to snaps. Like geofilters, geostickers are only available if a user’s location services are enabled.

    Snapchat Geosticker for New York City
    Snapchat Geosticker for New York City

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