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Weekly Wrap-Up

The second week of 2018 is here and with it, some more social media headlines.

Facebook Newsfeed Redesign Will Cost Marketers More: Facebook has announced another redesign to users’ Newsfeeds. The redesign will prioritize content from a user’s friends and family over brands. With average organic reach already averaging at about 1%, Facebook marketing will require brands to spend more.

Snapchat Redesign Immensely Unpopular: Snapchat has started to test a new redesign that finds Stories placed with private messages. The redesign is currently available in several countries including Australia, Canada, and the UK. Unfortunately, for Snapchat this new redesign has been overwhelmingly unpopular. The redesign appears to be intended to keep users on the app longer likely to counter falling user and use numbers.

Image courtesy of Techcrunch

Google Offers New Ways for Businesses to Connect: Google continues their quest to be the end-all-be-all online resource. In that quest, they are offering new tools to users. The tools include a website builder, event/promotion posting in search, question-and-answer section on business listings, ability to update business listing within search, and messaging.

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