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5 Tools That Will Get Your Community to Share Your News

Sharing progress or, better still, success can go a long way towards keeping your supporters invested in your organization and its goals.

Your website or blog, email, infographics, and social media are some of the tools most commonly used to share such critical information.

However, your sharing shouldn’t stop after you’ve used any of these tools.

To further amplify your news, it helps to get your online community to share too.

For starters, it helps to ask your online community directly to share the news.

Beyond that, there are a number of online tools that you can use to make it easy for your online community to share. Here are five free tools such tools worth trying out the next time you want to share the news about your organization’s progress and successes:

For Any Content on Your Website or Blog
Shareaholic: Install social share buttons on any page on your site or blog posts with Shareaholic. Shareholic is free and works with numerous web platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Tumblr. Users can choose which social networks they want their site visitors to share to, customize the look of their social share buttons, and even include a call-to-action encouraging visitors to share.

For Your Blog Posts
Click-to-Tweet: This free WordPress plugin turns pull-quotes or custom text into tweets. Tweetable content is displayed in a box with the instruction to “Click to Tweet.” Tweets can be formatted to include your organization’s Twitter handle.

Easy Tweet Embed: Another free WordPress plugin, this plugin displays the call-to-action “Click To Tweet” for pre-selected text within blog posts. Tweets can also be formatted to include your organization’s Twitter handle. The final appearance is more stripped down but creating tweetable content from your text is very simple.

For Your Infographics
SiegeMedia Embed Code Generator: Let others embed your infographics on their sites and blog while generating traffic back to your site with this tool. Simply visit the SiegeMedia Embed Code Generator and fill in information such as the URL of your image and post to generate an embed code. The generator creates HTML code you add back to your site. Web visitors will see a call-to-action below your infographic directing with to “Share this Image on Your Site” followed by the embed code they need for sharing.

Killer Infographics Embed Code Generator: This embed code generator is similar to SiegeMedia’s. The Killer Infographics Embed Code Generator does differ in that it offers two embed code display options. The one option provides a simple embed code that can be used in emails in addition to the longer HTML code for website embeds.

2 thoughts on “5 Tools That Will Get Your Community to Share Your News”

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  2. Since you’ve mentioned Click to Tweet and Easy Tweet Embed (by the way the last one has not been updated for a while), you should take a close look at TweetDis plugin.

    Tweetable quotes are really great for news. I’ve seen NY Times using them.

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