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Spring Cleaning for Social Media

It may not seem like it in a lot of places but Spring is officially here. And just as you may be planning to clean out your closets and cupboards, you should plan to freshen up your social media accounts.

  • Review and Update Your Profile: Make sure your bio and other pertinent information, like your website URL and location, is up-to-date. While you’re at it, consider updating your avatar or social media banners. Check out this infographic for avatar and banner sizes for social networks. Finally, do yourself a favor by changing your passwords to keep your accounts secure.
  • Review and Update Your Following Lists: If your Facebook newsfeed and Twitter feeds have started to look cluttered with useless information, it might be time to prune your following list. Your Twitter feed might be particularly messy if you have been in the habit of following everyone who follows you – a tactic highly recommended in the early days of Twitter that has fallen out of favor. If you’re wary of unfollowing anyone, then create Facebook or Twitter lists to sort and hone in on those accounts most worth following.
  • Streamline Your Work: Prevent your social media tasks from cluttering up your to-do list by identifying and adopting the right tools. Schedule posts to your social networks with Buffer, HootSuite, or Tweetdeck. Keep track of important conversations across different social networks using a social media dashboard like HootSuite or TweetDeck. Have all your favorite blogs and news sites delivered to one place by using an RSS reader like Feedly. Track conversations, have your news delivered to you, and keep track of analytics by creating a custom dashboard on NetVibes. And finally, automate some of your simple everyday tasks by using If This Then That.

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