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Spotlight on YouTube’s Upcoming Features

YouTube recently released a video blog announcing a long list of changes in the coming months for digital storytellers. If you’d like to skip the 3+ minute video, here is a summary of some of the changes you can expect:

  • Comments: YouTube’s comments ranking will be modified to surface what’s most relevant at the top. YouTube also plans to make relevant comments easier and faster to respond to in the Creators Studio app. Content creators will soon have the ability to add a comments moderator to help manage content. Content creators will also be able to allow fans to drive conversation too.
  • GIF Creation: In recognition of the popularity of GIFs, YouTube is releasing a GIF-making tool so content creators can make GIFs directly from their videos. The GIF-making tool will also be to content creators’ fans. The tool is now in the beta testing phase. YouTube is inviting content creators interested in this tool to register for the next round of beta testing.
  • Analytics: YouTube is overhauling its analytics to make it easier to get access to the data that’s important to content creators. For instance, YouTube will soon offer critical information, such as information that a video is going viral, in the notification dashboard so users will not have to search through their analytics to find this information. YouTube will also continue to improve features in its Creators Studio app like real-time analytics view.
  • Creator Academy: The YouTube Creator Academy will release more lessons on essential elements of production like sound, lighting, and production techniques. Aspiring digital storytellers are invited join other would-be content creators by registering for an upcoming online creator boot camps.
  • YouTube Music Key: The video blog provided much more information about YouTube Music Key, it’s new music platform. The platform will feature both ad-supported and a paid music features. The paid subscription will offer features like ads-free offline listening in the background. Other potential features possibly in the works for paid subscribers might help content creators distribute and profit from their content.

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