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Monday Mix: Social Media News You May Have Missed

This week is Veterans Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada. After you’ve caught up on the social media news you may have missed, make sure to thank any veterans you know. And if you’re so inclined, consider supporting veterans by giving to organizations like the Wounded Warriors Project or the War Amps of Canada.

Facebook Gives Users More Control Over News Feed: Facebook users will now find new settings over their Facebook newsfeed on their computers and mobile. The new settings display the people, Pages, and Groups a user has seen most consistently on their News Feed over the past week. Users can opt to sort this information by people, Pages, Groups, or as a full summary of all of these. Users can then unfollow the people, Pages, or Groups they’d prefer to no longer see on their news feed. The new settings also allow users to see who they’ve unfollowed in case they might want to re-follow them again at a later time and provide feedback regarding content they no longer wish to see. More information about these changes can be found in Facebook’s Help Center.

YouTube to Offer Free Live Video Production Online Course: YouTube is giving aspiring digital storytellers the chance to learn about video production from a professional director in a new live, online series. The series will be available on the YouTube Creator Academy channel beginning November 13. The four courses will cover camera basics and sound, lighting, cinematography, and production on a budget. Anyone who formally registers and attends all four courses will receive a letter of completion.

Twitter Adds Compose Function to Top of Home Timeline: Twitter has simplified tweeting by adding a new compose box to the top of users’ home view. The compose box had previously been located on the left hand side of the home view between the profile and trends list.Monday_Mix_Twitter_Compose

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