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Monday Mix: Social Media News You May Have Missed

Hope everyone had a great weekend enjoying the fall weather. Now that the weekend is over, here are the latest social media updates you should know about.

Google+ Adds Polling Feature: Google+ added polling to give users another means to be social and engage their followers. Google+ polls are very simple – allowing only five choices and personalization using photos. Photos added to polls can only be uploaded directly from Google+, mobile storage, or Google image search.

Google+ poll
Google+ poll

Facebook Releases Local Awareness Ads: Facebook has made it easier to market locally with the introduction of local awareness ads. The ads can be targeted to people local to a business or organization. The ads require marketers to enter their business address and choose the radius within which people should see their ad. Local awareness ad will roll out over the coming weeks in the United States and internationally in the months thereafter.

LinkedIn Lets Users Know Why Others Viewed Their Profile: LinkedIn users can now learn more about who has looked at their profile. The latest update to the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature lets users see what types of actions may have led another user to view their profile. The update will let users know if when views occurred after actions such as profile updates, endorsements of people in their networks, of after joining a group or expanding your network.”

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