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Learning to Walk

Before you learned to walk, you had to learn to crawl.  Along the way, you probably fell and tripped over your feet.  Despite your missteps, you got up, brushed yourself off and kept moving.

Establishing yourself via social networking requires much the same.  No one takes to it right away and everyone requires time to find their proper voice and rhythm.  With the exception of celebrities and politicians, most people require time to establish who they are and cultivate a following.

Along the way you will figure out what works and what doesn’t and will have to rethink your assumptions.  And that is okay. Don’t be afraid that you will make a mistake because you will.  Do not give up and find the lesson in the experience.

A lot the rules we follow when we interact with people face to face also carry over to social media.  If you write something that offends someone, do not get on the defensive. Remember, social media is about relationships. Try to see things from someone else’s perspective and show some humility when you explain yourself and apologize.

We’ve all survived a faux pas or two (or more) in our interactions with others so we can easily get through whatever missteps we make on social media.  Every misstep brings with it an opportunity to learn.  Just remember, you have to learn to crawl before you can walk.

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