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Improve Your Online Copy with These 5 Free Tools

Writing for the web can be tough if you don’t have an in-house editor or money to outsource the job.

Luckily, the web offers some great tools online writers can use to sharpen their copy.

  • Headline Analyzer is a tool created by the Advanced Marketing Institute to gauge the Emotional Marketing Value of your headline. The tool gives you a score between 1-100% and classification for your headline. This a great tool for trying out all your headline ideas.
  • Wordcounter checks your writing for overused words. Simply copy and paste your text then click for a tally of how many times individual words are used. Avoid having your copy remind anyone of the “Apparently Kid” by trying this tool.
  • Cliché Finder identifies overused phrases in your writing. The tool keeps writers from relying on language and thoughts that might come off as weak or unoriginal.
  • Live Keyword Analysis measures the keyword density of your writing. If want to optimize your text for search engines, then this is the tool for you.
  • measures how easy your content is to read according to several readability formulas. Don’t worry if your scores are low since low score means that your writing will be accessible to more people. Readability-Score also provides character, word, and sentence count.

If you’ve got a writing tool that should’ve been included on this list, make sure to add it to the comments.

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