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How To Build Trust in Your Online Community

One of the keys to attracting and keeping members online community members is trust. Without trust, who can your organization rely on to ensure its success?

Building trust isn’t easy and is an ongoing process. And if you can stick to the values listed below then you will have the foundation to building trust needed to create a thriving community.

  • Transparency: Be honest about what your organization is about and what it does. Should your organization find itself in the position to make a change that will affect your community in any way, be sure to communicate what’s coming and why. The decisions your organization makes may not always be popular but you will go a long way toward winning people over if you’re transparent about your actions.
  • Consistency: Always follow through on serving your community’s needs. Your community comes to you because they know and expect you to deliver something of value to them. Whether following through means answering questions in a timely manner or sticking to a blog schedule, make sure you are meeting those tasks that serve the community’s needs.
  • Fairness: If your community members are expected to act a certain way then there should be no exceptions, not even for you. Applying rules and expectations fairly across the board, ensures that your members feel safe and respected.
  • Empowering: Empower members by assigning them a role as community ambassadors or offering them a chance to contribute to your organizations work. Giving members a role beyond that of a passive audience member gives them a greater stake in the community.
  • Gratitude: Recognize members who make contributions for the good of the community and help each one another. Expressing gratitude is a sure to way to foster good will among your members and keep the cycle of goodness going.

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