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Getting the Most of out the New Foursquare for Your Organization

Foursquare users may have noticed some changes during their most recent check-in.  The changes, designed to make Foursquare more social, will provide greater benefits to nonprofits using this geosocial application.  The two most important changes, and ideas on leveraging them to benefit your nonprofit, are:

  • Photo uploading capability: Next to the default check-in box, you will now notice a camera icon with which you can upload a photo during your check-in. Why not upload a photo of your nonprofit headquarters while you’re checking in?  Don’t have a photo handy?  You can check-in and return later to upload a photo.  A photo taken of your staff and volunteers in action during a service project is a great way to show your supporters your organization in action.
  • Comments: A check-in is no longer the end of your Foursquare experience; with comments you can leave updates on newly occurring events at a location you have already checked into. After checking into your nonprofit’s latest fundraising or service event, why not provide up-to-the-minute commentary on the latest developments?  Let your followers know how many guests or volunteers have arrived or how much progress you have made to reach your day’s event goal.  Consider also using the comments to request more support or advice in real time.

Unfortunately, these new changes are not available to all of Foursquare’s mobile app users.  Only iPhone users can currently experience all the changes but the upgrade will be available to Android and Blackberry users soon.  Android and Blackberry users who don’t want to wait to get a peak at the changes can visit Foursquare on the web or check out Mashable’s review on Foursquare’s update complete with photos.

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