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7 Ways to Thank Your Online Community Members

It’s November and that means Thanksgiving is on its way if you’re in the US (Thanksgiving happened last month in Canada).

And since we’re in the season of giving thanks, it’s a good idea to remember to find ways to say or show your thanks to the members of your online community.

As a community manager, it’s easy to think that so long as you do your job, you’re doing plenty for your community members. While this is true, it’s also wise to remember that a little thanks can go a long way toward building and retaining relationships with your community members.

With that in mind, here are some ways to show your online community members your thanks:

  1. Public Recognition: Everyone enjoys recognition for their contributions and this can be accomplished in many ways within your online community. As a community manager, you can give someone a shout-out on social media or feature them on your organization’s blog or newsletter.
  2. Give them something to do: At first glance, this suggestion might seem counter-intuitive but it works. A task like writing a guest blog post, running your Twitter feed for a day, or managing other members can make your community members feel like they’re part of your larger organization.
  3. Make time for them: Take some time to get to know your members for the individuals they are. You can accomplish by picking up the phone or meeting them for a coffee. A simple chat can give some insight into why they value your community and organization and give members a chance to ask their most pressing questions.
  4. Give them special access: Nothing makes someone feel like more of an VIP than getting access to something before everyone else. If you have an event, product, or big news on the way, then share it with those community members you’d like to thank.
  5. Give them a gift: Everyone loves a present and what better way to say thanks than with a gift? For your online community, the gift can be virtual, like an online badge, or physical, like a gift card.
  6. Make them a community ambassador: Ambassador programs are another way to give thank involved community members. Ambassador programs vary from organization to organization and can include any of the items above like giving special access.
  7. Act on their advice and suggestions: When your community members are giving you advice, it’s because they care. And while all the advice might not be practical, there’s surely something you can glean from their suggestions that would serve your organization and community. Putting some of their suggestions into practice, lets them know you’re listening and appreciate their input.

Do you have your own ways of saying thanks? Add them in the comments.

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