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5 Ways to Get Your Super Fans in the Year-End Giving Spirit

Before you make the mistake of creating a one-size-fits-all year-end giving plan, consider making a plan that acknowledges the role your super fans can play.

Your super fans are the die-hard supporters who not only passionately believe in your shared cause but believe in your organization’s work in serving that cause. Their support is not only strong but can be contagious and capable of supporting your year-end giving goals.

Get your super fans in the giving spirit by following these five steps:

  1. Identify Your Super Fans: You or some members of your team can probably list a couple of supporters that consistently come through for your organization. These super fans can take many forms: they might board members, regular donors, die-hard volunteers, or even big social media fans. Whoever they are, make note of them and how they demonstrate super fan status.
  2. Ask Directly: Once you’ve identified who your super fans are, get the members of your team best connected to a particular fan to make a direct ask. The personal touch is much more meaningful than a blanket ask from your organization and is likely to generate a better response.
  3. Show Your Appreciation Publicly: A thank-you note after receiving a contribution from is great. Even greater, is going the extra mile with your with your thank-you. If your your super fan and donor is on social media, then thank them for their donation on social media. Another great place to make a public thanks are on your organization’s website or newsletter.
  4. Make Them Part of The Team: Don’t think you can ask for more? Think again. However, instead of asking for another donation, ask your super fans to be part of the fundraising action. Make it easy by giving them sample copy and images or logos they can use to make an ask in an email or on social media. Show them how much you trust in their abilities and passion for your shared cause by encouraging them to modify the tools you’ve given them to make their custom ask.
  5. Report Back and Celebrate: Identify milestones that you can celebrate throughout the campaign. Transparency about where your campaign stands and how your supporters have made it possible will motivate other community members to join in in the short-term. In the long-term, reporting back might turn some community members into super fans and recurring donors.

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