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4 Ways to Use Vine Messages to Create Super Fans

Vine messages (VMs) are here and that means another opportunity to move followers up the ladder of engagement and turn them into super fans. Vine gives you six seconds so use them wisely and give your followers something memorable. You don’t need a big budget – just be creative and have fun with some of the following ideas:

  • Welcome Them: Keep track of your new followers by monitoring the “activity” portion of your Vine account. Thank new followers for joining your Vine community and remind them to stay tuned for more great content to your organization.
  • Say Thanks: Instead of, or in addition to, sending a standard thank-you email, send a thank-you Vine message directly. Everyone expects a thank-you email and that’s likely to get that lost in our already crowded inboxes. If you doubt the power a thank-you VM can have, just look at what sending thank-you YouTube videos did for charity: water.
  • Send Happy Birthday Wishes: Speaking of charity: water, their thank-you video campaign thanked followers who donated their birthday to the organization’s mission. Surprise your supporters by delivering a custom birthday VM. Acknowledging someone’s birthday is a good way to let people that you’re thinking about them and they matter to your organization.
  • Surprise them: Vine messages are the perfect vehicle for sending special announcements. For example, you can use VMs to build up the anticipation to an upcoming event by providing a glimpse behind the scenes. Give previews to a select few about upcoming campaigns or noteworthy changes they can expect.

As you think about the many ways and tools that you can use to build deeper online relationships with your followers and move them up the ladder engagement, it’s worth adding Vine to your tool belt. If your interest in using Vine messages has been piqued, then make sure to check out what some nonprofits are doing for inspiration. Happy Vine-ing!

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