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Monday Mix: Social Media News You May Have Missed

Spring is here (although it doesn’t feel like it in some places) and with that here is the latest round of social media news you should know:

  • Twitter Launches Periscope App: Twitter just released its newest app, Periscope. The app lets users livestream or watch livestreams. Viewers can interact with video by tapping their screen to send hearts to leaving comments.
  • Facebook Adds Embedded Video Player: Facebook released its latest feature – its own native embedded video player. While Facebook has long been popular for video uploads, embedding those uploaded videos to other locations was nowhere as easy as it is with videos uploaded to YouTube.Monday_Mix_Facebook_video_embed
  • Instagram Introduces New App, Layout: Instagram introduced its newest app, Layout, last week. Layout allows users to combine multiple images into one. Users simply select a custom layout, drag and drop photos, and resize or rotate images. The also includes a Photo Booth feature, which starts a countdown and then captures a series of photos to instantly add to a preselected layout. Completed images can then be uploaded to Instagram or Facebook.
  • Twitter Partners with Foursquare to Add Locations to Tweets: Twitter’s latest partnership with Foursquare lets users add their location to tweets. Location information can be added to tweets on the web or via the Twitter app provided a user has location services enabled.

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