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TechSoup’s mission is to equip social change agents with technology solutions and know-how to create a more just world. TechSoup partners with major technology partners to serve nonprofits, libraries, and foundations throughout the United States and the world.

Central to realizing its mission, is the need to build and nurturing online community spaces wherein social change agents can connect with TechSoup staff, partners, and one another to ask questions and share best practices.

In my work with TechSoup, I have written blog posts illustrating innovative uses of technology tools within the social sector. One such post, on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud-platform, resulted in a $100,000 grant to replicate the work highlighted in the article.

On TechSoup’s social media channels, I’ve shared glimpses of the people behind the organization and how the organization is using the support of its technology partners and funders to serve its constituents.